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Company culture with Renee Conklin

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

I was recently a guest on the "Telescope Investing" podcast, hosted by Albert Ho and Luke Hallard. "Telescope Investing" publishes weekly episodes on investing strategy, investment opportunities, advice for new and seasoned investors, developing a wealth mindset and building financial independence. Luke and Albert use a set of investing “lenses” to help them decide how to invest. One of these lenses is company culture and I was excited to join them and share my thoughts on this topic after spending most of my career on the people side of the business, completing my MBA and setting up my own business.

It’s not something that's usually covered in quarterly earnings reports, but company culture can have a big impact on employees, customers, business performance, and a company’s stock price.

A few highlights from our conversation include:

✅ Company culture - how to assess it, its impacts on business results, and what companies can do to attract and retain talent. ✅ Using websites like Glassdoor to get a view on workplace culture

✅ Whether workplace culture has an impact on the stock performance of a company (the answer is yes) ✅ What’s contributing to the Great Resignation and what employers can do about it ✅ CEO’s with outsized personalities, servant leadership and driving tractors!

Check out the full episode here!

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