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Specializing in Career and Executive coaching, I can help you optimize your workplace performance and maximize your professional potential.

As a certified organizational coach, I use strengths-based techniques to create remarkable transformations in mindsets, behaviors, and careers.

RC HR Consulting | Renee Conklin | Executive Coaching | Career Coaching

As an Executive Coach, my job is to facilitate powerful growth­–your job is to enact it.

To bring about transformative results within your organization, at both individual and team levels, Executive Coaching partnerships require trust, commitment, and accountability.

Those who commit to Executive Coaching benefit from:

  • Clearer communication skills

  • Greater self-awareness

  • Improved delegation skills

  • Better team growth and retention capabilities

  • More effective stakeholder management skills

  • Greater stress management

  • Identification and management of blind spots and derailers

  • Stronger professional relationships

RC HR Consulting | Renee Conklin | Executive Coaching | Career Coaching

Harnessing over 15 years’ experience in HR, coaching, and recruitment, I partner with individuals to achieve significant career transformations, realigning their mindset and behavior for fulfilling professional growth.

Within our Career Coaching partnership, we will:

  • Define your purpose and values

  • Discuss your version of success

  • Discern your strengths through assessment tools

  • Detect limiting beliefs that could derail you

  • Utilize career frameworks for development and direction

  • Identify and map out career options

  • Enhance your personal branding (resume writing and LinkedIn optimization)

  • Build your professional confidence (interview preparation)

“I always came away from our sessions with a clear idea as to my next steps and made some great progress towards my goals. Renee seemed genuinely invested in my success and provided great support both inside and outside the sessions. Renee was a pleasure to work with and I really appreciate the progress that I have made due to our coaching.”

—  Vicki Messenger, Glass Half Full Coaching



U.S. Software Company

A Project Manager at a U.S. software company wanted to develop a strategic plan that would help her achieve a promotion.


With coaching, she was able to articulate her goals to her manager, design her career development plan and identify stakeholders that she could influence, impact and gain support from at every step.


As a result, she transitioned into a new team after an organizational restructure and is now on the path to a promotion.


Chinese MNC

A corporate HR professional with 10+ years of experience was at a crossroads after taking a break to raise her children and complete an MBA. Torn between returning to corporate life or starting her own business, we found clarity by identifying her strengths, considering different perspectives, and using visioning to identify the right path as a future business owner.


She has since successfully launched her career coaching business and has secured her first paying clients.


U.S. Biotech



A biologist in her first professional role since graduating was unhappy and underutilized in her team. Over the course of six months, we identified how her strengths and communication skills could facilitate an internal transfer.


This approach guided her successful transition into a new team, and launched her career at the nexus of science and technology.

If I don't schedule in "me" time, I'll give it to someone else.

RC HR Consulting | Renee Conklin | Take your career, team, or business to the next level | Executive Coaching | Career Coaching

Take your career, team, or business to the next level.

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